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Registry Mechanic 10.0.0140

Registry Mechanic uses a powerful detection algorithm
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Registry Mechanic uses a powerful detection algorithm to locate registry bugs and fix them properly. It detects invalid or obsolete entries in the system registry. At the end of the track record, the program shows a list of all errors detected, for you to select which items to delete.

Keeping your registry clean and error-free is a prerequisite for the proper functioning of your computer. Failures that occur there are mostly those that lead to small error messages and unexpected crashes.

Before making any changes, Registry Mechanic creates a backup of your registry. This way, you can always restore the previous state in case it is needed. Registry Mechanic is very simple to use: you need ust a single click to bring it up and analyze all sections of the registry. After the scanning, a list of errors and shortcomings is shown - you can fix these with a single click.
And if you hesitate to touch a thing as delicate as the registry, you always have the option to make a backup with Registry Mechanic before starting any test or repair.

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